Class Of 1979 Reunion
(Can you believe we are
finally turning 30?)

Our 30th class reunion was held the  weekend of June 26 - 28 in Ripon, WI and was a great time!

And for those of you having trouble remembering a stress-free time,
CLICK HERE to start the slide show full of pictures from the late 70's.  If these don't bring back a lot of memories, nothing will!  Note:  It may take a few minutes for this slide to load depending on your internet speed so please be patient.  You must have Shockwave installed to view the file (and this is standard on most computers nowadays).

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Do the 70's seem like nothing but a blur right now?  Click the button to go back in time for some reminders of what life was like back then.  Here's a few to get you started:

1.    The average car costs $6,847
2.    # 3 on the music charts was In The Navy
3.    Can anyone name the Vice President?
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